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Dragon Burn has a group of people called the Ministry of Art whose purpose is to encourage normal people who are interested in Dragon Burn to create something for the Burn. The Burn will happen over the May Day weekend 2019 in Anji. Check for more info.

Burning Man and Dragon Burn are nominally outdoor art events. However, 'Art' is a very broad term for Burners. This primarily includes physical sculptural type installations but can also include less tangible things like video/photo projects, lasers, poetry, kitchens or whatever the mind can imagine. The key ingredient is interactivity!

If you have any queries about the application process, please email [email protected]
Thanks in advance for your application.
如果你在申请的过程中有任何疑问,请发邮件[email protected]
Contact Information 联系方式
* First Name 名 : 
* Last Name 姓 : 
* Phone 电话 : 
* Email Address 邮箱 : 
Contact Information 联系方式
* First Name 名 : 
* Last Name 姓 : 
* Phone 电话 : 
* Email Address 邮箱 : 
* WeChat ID 微信ID
* Experience — have you been to any Burns before? 过去你参加过任何火人节以及地区活动(包括龙焰)吗?
* What is the name/title of your arts project? 艺术项目名称
* Please describe the basic architecture of the project (what it looks like, what it's made from)...
(100 words max) 请基本描述项目的构造(样式,形式,材料等等)(100字)
* What is the interactive user experience?
(100 words max) 项目的交互性体现在哪里?(100字)
What are its requirements, such as electricity, flat ground? Note there are no indoor spaces. 项目有有什么要求,比如说是否用电,需要平地?请注意今年场地全为室外。
* You must promise to the following: 你已经阅读并同意以下内容:
I shall ensure it is safe for all participants, including children and drunkards. 我会确保我的艺术对所有人是安全的,包括儿童和喝醉的宝宝。
I will ensure sufficient lighting at night. 我会确保我的艺术在夜间有足够的灯光标明。 
I will ensure the site will be left with no trace. 我会确保我的艺术不会留下任何痕迹。
I know it is feasible for me and my team and we can deliver! 我知道我的项目对我和团队是实际可行的,我们可以做到!

More detailed description next. If you don't yet know, put 'TBD' for now. 以下是关于艺术项目更加详细的问题,如果不确定的话,请写上“TBD”。
* How much space in m² does it require on site? 装置需要场地多少平方米?
* When packed down, how much space in m³ will it require on the truck for shipping to site? 当拆散装置用卡车运输时,装置的体积占多少立方米?
* Can it be burned? (NB — no toxic materials please) 可以烧吗?(必须由无害材料建成)
Yes 可以烧掉。
No, I will remove it. 不能燃烧,我会带走。
* Do you want help moving it between Shanghai and the Anji site on the Dragon Burn truck? 你的装置需要和龙焰的货车一起被运到场地去吗?
Yes please. 是
No, i will make my own arrangements thank you. 否,我会自己带去场地。
Please describe in more detail what you need help with such as materials, people or build location (we'll try to link you up) 请具体描述你需要帮助的一些内容:(如: 物料、人力或者建造场地等)我们尽量帮你对接。
Please describe how you can help others, such as skills, resources, equipment (we'll try to link you up) 请说说你有哪些可以分享和帮助他人的资源,(如: 技能、设备、资源)。 我们会尝试帮你匹配。
Arts Grants
The Ministry of Arts offers arts grants! This fund comes from a combination of tickets sales and fundraising events and there is up to ¥35,000 to share among applicable arts projects. The value of each grant is determined by the application submitted, combined with Dragon Burn's own assessment of the project both before and after the event.

The value of the grant will be determined by 2019 March 3rd, 6 weeks before the projects need to be ready. However, the grant will not be reimbursed until after the Burn, therefore your team needs to initially finance the project itself. Please take note!

The project team may apply for up to 100% of the project cost (materials only, not time or expenses) although many contributors ask for less, typically 0–80%, since the art project is normally considered a 'gift' to the community and event. The Ministry of Arts will make an assessment of the art project based on the below criteria and adjust the grant accordingly. After the event, the grant may be adjusted again if the project fails to live up to the scope of the application.
项目团队可以申请高达100%的项目成本,只包括材料不含工时或其他杂费。因为艺术是烧客给社区的礼物所以大部分贡献者要求比较少,通常在0 - 80%之间。龙焰艺术部将根据以下标准对艺术项目进行评估,并据此调整资助金额。龙焰活动结束后,如果项目未能达到申请时的标准,资助金额将再次调整。

— Quality of the art project (e.g. interactivity, whether people like it) 质量(比如:交互性,大家是否喜爱)
— Accessibility 可操作性,是否适合所有人
— Safety 安全性
— Sustainability (e.g. reuse of materials, low carbon footprint and material waste) 是否环保可持续(比如:回收材料,低二氧化碳排放量和浪费)
— Leave No Trace 不留痕迹
— Whether it delivered as per the application 是否符合申请时的初衷

Your project needs to be planned and costed. Please summarise the costs below. 
* You agree to the following: 你同意一下几点:
I have learnt that all theme camps, music performances, workshops and art installations are 'gifts' to the community and event and no one involved in Dragon Burn gets paid. I also see my project as a gift and expect nothing in return apart from the sheer goddam joy of doing it and watching others enjoy it. 我了解所有主题营,音乐表演,讲习班和艺术装置是对的社区的一种礼物,并且任何涉及龙焰有关人没有任何报酬。我觉得我的项目作为一个礼物,不期待任何回报除了纯粹的制作快乐,很高兴能看着别人享受它。
I understand the grant is not guaranteed. Unforeseen catastrophe may cause Dragon Burn unexpected costs and therefore if the grant cannot be fulfilled, my art project team will cover the full cost anyway. 我明白艺术资助金是没有保证的。实现不可预测的意外可能会导致龙焰活动产生意外的成本。因此,如果资助金最后不能被满足,我的艺术项目团队仍然可以承担全部费用。
I understand the money hasn't grown on a tree and needs to be shared among all the applicants. The project team will do its very best to minimise costs by making the project pragmatic, not over-ambitious or colossal, by reusing waste materials, by begging/borrowing/radical-self-gifting. 我明白艺术基金会被所有申请者中分享。我的项目团队会尽力降低成本使项目务实,不过于夸张或巨大,尽量利用废旧材料,通过乞讨/借/自赠自馈。
I understand the Ministry of Arts has a tricky job figuring out how to allocate grants fairly while all projects are so different. I will therefore accept whatever the grant might be with gratitude and positivity and without complaining. 我明白龙焰艺术部给各种不同项目决定资助金是一个棘手的工作。因此,我将以感激和积极的态度接受任何资助金并且不会抱怨。

The project's projected costs 项目一起财务

- Personal labour
- Transport costs (an art truck is provided for free from Shanghai)
Description 描述 Cost in ¥ 数额
Materials 1 材料1
Materials 2 材料2
Materials 3  材料3
Materials 4  材料4
Materials 5  材料5
Materials 6  材料6
Materials 7  材料7
Materials 8  材料8
Materials 9  材料9
Materials 10  材料10
Description 描述 Cost in ¥ 数额
Materials 11  材料11
Materials 12  材料12
Materials 13  材料13
Materials 14  材料14
Materials 15  材料15
Materials 16  材料16
Materials 17  材料17
Materials 18  材料18
Materials 19  材料19
Materials 20  材料20
What proportion of the costs would you like to claim back as a grant? 你希望申请项目财务的多少?

The remainder not claimed from the grant fund could be gathered by the team from family and friends, fundraising or contributed by the team itself. Anything not claimed is considered a 'gift' and Dragon Burn is extremely grateful for this! 
0% (team gift to the Burn团队礼物)100% (full reimbursement全部)
* Proportion claimed 申请的百分比
* To what degree will the project be accessible to all participants? I.e. does it require special skills, physical ability or previous knowledge to enjoy it? 项目对参与者有什么样的要求。比如,需要某种技能操作,有一定只是基础,或是老少皆宜,童叟无欺?
* How do you plan to deal with safety of participants with respect to the art project? 你对项目的安全性有什么计划?
* How do you plan to maximise sustainability and minimise waste/energy consumption of the project? If the artwork cannot be burned, what will happen to it after the Burn? 你如何计划最大限度地保持可持续性,并最大限度地减少废物/能源消耗的项目?如果艺术品不能被烧掉,那么龙焰结束后会发生什么?
If you have any other questions or comments, please add them below. 其他问题和建议:
Thank you for applying to bring an art project to Dragon Burn! We love you for this.

Please get back in touch if you don't hear anything from us. Applications have been extended to 1st March and grant decisions will be made the following week. However, you don't need to wait for grant decisions to proceed with your project. 

See you at the Burn!
Lots of love, Ministry of Art